Case Study

Learn how our video editing service at helps clients make great videos. Our case study shows real examples of our work. We edit videos for different kinds of clients, making their ideas look good on screen.

[Case Study] Modular Agency Podcast

Modular Agency is a creative agency based in Taiwan. They are a reputable agency, having handled major clients such as Meta, Microsoft, and Apple.

This year, they decided to create a podcast series, inviting professional guests from various industries. We managed their production at SNXP Studio, covering everything from shooting to editing.

Within a month, we edited over 10 podcast videos for Modular Agency. Additionally, we created more than 50 podcast clips during the same period.

With our services, Modular Agency gains access to a team of reliable editors who work day and night to finish their videos.

Working with (SNXP) as our creative partner was a game-changer! Seamless process, creative team, and outstanding results. Can't wait for our next collaboration!
Adriel Tansil
Project Manager

[Case Study] Vanessa Huang Travel Vlog

Vanessa Huang, a travel vlogger from Taiwan, has gained success in the travel niche with her specialty: providing down-to-earth, relatable travel content that appeals to a wide audience.

Last year, she reached out to us in need of regular video editing services. Initially, we completed four edits for her, but this quickly scaled to over 10 edits and 30 reels per month.

Through our services, we have helped Vanessa to scale her content production, improve its quality, and indirectly grow her audience.

Puas guided me through the post production process, and making it easy for me to produce more content. I would definitely recomend them to anyone whos looking to produce high quality edits.
Vanessa Huang
YouTuber / Influencer (10k+ Followers)

[Case Study] Wahyu Travel Influencer

Wahyu is a renowned travel influencer from Indonesia, known for his collaborations with multiple international brands such as XL and Traveloka.

Last year, we had the opportunity to edit videos for his projects. We worked together with him on campaigns for XL, Traveloka, and Air Asia, creating social media reels for his audience.

Through our service, he’s able to quickly deliver videos, make fast revisions, and respond immediately to changes. We worked in up to two shifts while handling his project, ensuring all videos achieved a high engagement rate.

Great job team! Always impressed with the work.
Travel Influencer (200k+ Followers)