Social Media Management

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A Dedicated Team: Crafting Content, Designing Visuals, and Engaging Your Audience.

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Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees, just clear, upfront costs ensuring you get the best value.

Dedicated Team: From strategists to content creators, our team is committed to your brand’s success.

Data-Driven Decisions: We rely on analytics and insights to refine and optimize your social campaigns.

Engagement Focus: Beyond likes and shares, we aim for genuine interactions and community building.

Social Media Management

Elevate your brand’s online presence with strategic content, consistent engagement, and data-driven insights. At puas, we curate, schedule, and optimize your social channels, turning followers into loyal customers.


IDR 6.499.000/Mo
USD $425.99/Mo


IDR 9.199.000/Mo
USD $602.99/Mo

Content Creation

TikTok Content Burst

Want top-notch TikTok content or UGC content?

Starting from IDR 4.500.000 / USD $399

Video Editing

Whether it’s a quick TikTok clip, an Instagram story, or a YouTube vlog, our team ensures your content shines.

Starting from IDR 250.000 / USD $20

Content Writing Power Up

Dive deep into content ideation with our team, ensuring we align with your brand’s voice, goals, and audience.

Starting from IDR 1.500.000 / USD $99

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your content.

Witness the evolution as we’ve taken our clients from mundane to mesmerizing, crafting not only visually captivating posts but also compelling narratives.

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lightning fast.

Our track record speaks volumes. Just glance to the right and see our handiwork: a staggering organic 17 million views and counting. 

“The Puas team is a game-changer. Their strategies skyrocketed our engagement rates!”

Bambang Wijaya, Marketing Director

“I was skeptical at first, but Puas delivered beyond expectations. Our followers have doubled in just three months!”

 Putri Ayu, Founder of Ayu’s Artisan Crafts

“Working with Puas has been a breeze. They understand our brand voice and have truly become an extension of our team.”

Sophie Lee, Social Media Coordinator

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Puas clients see a double-digit growth in their social media engagement within the first three months.
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On average, brands partnering with Puas experience a 42% increase in their follower count annually.
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Puas has successfully managed over 500+ campaigns across 12 different industries in the past year.


What exactly is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management involves curating, scheduling, and posting content on social platforms, engaging with the audience, and analyzing performance metrics to optimize future content.

How does Content Creation differ from Social Media Management?

While Social Media Management focuses on the overall strategy, engagement, and analytics of online platforms, Content Creation is about producing the actual content – be it graphics, videos, articles, or other forms of media.

Can I choose which social media platforms you manage for me?

Absolutely! We tailor our services to your needs, whether you're focused on a single platform or multiple ones like Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

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